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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

OMG!! RM4.17 for 1USD!! Updated on 17 Aug 2015

alhoyi - 8:53 AM
This is really a crazy things, records are broken consecutively this month!! By far, this rate is the highest record by Ringgit versus USD. How will this affect our life? If you trade in USD then you will feel the pain! If you trade any foreign currency you will feel the pain!! If you travel at foreign country you will feel the pain too!!

I book tickets online for overseas flights, I feel the pain!! I have been watching the rate, it is crazy!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to Check Celcom Broadband? PortaWiFi2.0 Exclusive Review

alhoyi - 3:32 PM
Check the quota balance is vital for avoiding being throttled at 64kbps. Here is few ways you can check the balance of your package.
cover for portawifi2.0

The first one is via sending BAL STATUS to 28882 via a mobile phone.
Any mobile that can send SMS will do this. After you send, Celcom will reply you about the balance.
Advantage: Easy & Simple.
Disadvantage: You need to turn off your PortaWiFi2.0 and remove the battery to get to the SIM Card and insert it into a mobile phone. You will need to have a mobile phone that can mount Full Sized SIM Card. iPhone users are not recommended to use this method unless you have extra phone.

The Method Two is via Online Customer Services Website from Celcom.
But first you need to apply for one account from Celcom Online Customer Services, which is pretty easy too.
Advantage: Can be done anywhere, any time, from any device that can online.
Disadvantage: Cannot be carried out without Internet Connection

For Mine Package is PortaWiFi2.0 but it shows First Basic 85 Internet, and the remaining quota is different from what I have check via SMS.

The Method Three is via Sending BAL STATUS to 28882 by the Modem itself.
You will need to log into the webpage ( and insert the default password “admin” and navigate to SMS tab and then to new message and type in BAL STATUS and send to 28882. (SMS Tab>>New Message>>BAL STATUS>>Send to 28882) Note: The default password for the PortaWiFi2.0 is “admin” without the quotation.
Advantage: Send SMS without removing the SIM Card, Easy and Fast
Disadvantage: Power supply for the modem itself.

Navigate to New SMS and Send BAL STATUS to 28882.

Out of these Three Methods, I prefer using Method Three since I will need no to remove any batteries that might interrupt my Internet Connection and the results can be precisely acquired.

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Everland Amusement Park, Seoul Korea

alhoyi - 12:38 PM
We visited Seoul Korea November 2014, has been busy till now! Wa, so busy till cannot post. Hahaha. No ba, we no “Kick” to write. Here is some memorable moment in Everland Seoul I wish to share with you guys.

Everland is an amusement park, where the world tallest roller coaster made of woods only, T-express located. We didn’t make it on the T-express because the Q is so long! We did not have enough time.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Celcom Porta WiFi 2.0 Reviews: Unboxing & Hands On

alhoyi - 4:55 PM
What is Celcom PortaWiFi 2.0? Whenever there is 2.0, there was a 1.0 version. PortaWiFi is a broadband package provided by Celcom, the 1.0 version is plug & play version of hotspot device, at which it is generated using electricity which make no great mobility. Hence there is a 2.0 version after 1 year launched their 1.0 version.

PortaWiFi 2.0 is generated by battery, thus you can bring it to any place you wan, just push the power on then you are able to online! Experience the 4G LTE Speed up to 10 Device at a moment.

The exciting part is the Broadband package at RM85 per month (Originally RM100 per month) with 7GB + 7GB WiFi quota whole day and 14GB + 14 GB WiFi from 2am till 8am. View or details review about PortaWiFi2.0 Package here. More detail from Celcom Official Website here.
The Box I received for PortaWiFi2.0
inside the box
Bascially what is inside is: The Modem itself, its Batteries, Modem Charger, Charger cable, warranty card and one manual.
size compare 2
Comparison of the size of PortaWiFi2.0 with a ordinary Broadband USB Stick.
size compare
Comparison with my old iPhone5s and Nokia phone. Pretty small the PortaWiFi2.0

PortaWiFi Internet Plan
Internet24 hours 
7GB Internet +
7GB complimentary Celcom WiFi
2am - 8am
14GB Internet +
14GB complimentary Celcom WiFi
Device PriceFREE
(RM220 rebated RM22 x 10 months)
Registration FeeRM50
Activation FeeRM50
Monthly CommitmentRM100 RM85
(After RM15 discount)
Total Payment Upon RegistrationRM320
Prices displayed do not include 6% GST.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

[Review]PortaWifi 2.0 by Celcom: Package & Features

alhoyi - 1:13 PM
So what is the deal for PortaWiFi 2.0? It is RM85 only for 21GB data (7GB 24 hours & 14GB 2am-8am)
pakcage infor

You will need to bring RM320 to buy this plan and the device. The device price RM220 will be rebated to your monthly bill for first 10 months. Monthly commitment is RM85 for the first year and this package is contract based (12 months) If you wish to continue after 12 months, it will be RM100 per month. But I believe that after one year more package will be available and the price will definitely be cheaper.

If you are same with me where Celcom is the only choice. Then I would say this package definitely worth the price. The way I see this plan is how many RM per GB, based on my math calculation, RM85/7GB that would be RM12.14 per 1GB plus you got 14GB for off peak hour (2am-8am). The 14GB quota off peak I would recommend to use it to download updates on phone or watching movies. That should be more than enough. After you utilize the 7GB (24 hours) quota, you can purchase additional quota, in Celcom they call it MAX UP, from RM3 to RM50 (100MB to 5GB). Normally I MAX UP my data at 5GB for RM50. And this will make the bill RM85+RM50 that is RM135 for 12GB (RM11.25 per 1GB). So far, for my place, only Celcom is available, so competition end, Celcom WIN. Haha.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

5 Simple Steps to Turn off Auto-Renewal of Apple Music

alhoyi - 12:56 PM
Here is how you can turn of Automatic Renewal of Apple Music Subscription. If you do not turn off this automatic renewal, you will be billed USD3.99 or USD5.99 for every month after 1st October 2015. 

Note: This instruction below is only for user that would like to turn off Automatic Renewal

Step1: Touch on the Profile sign (top right corner)

Apple Music is Awesome!

alhoyi - 11:47 AM
Are you a music person? Many Apple users loves music too, but mostly cannot understand the operation of itunes, even I myself barely know how it works. 

But now trouble moment is over, now with Apple Music (after updating IOS 8.4) you can easily access to the music you like! 

Yup, I just downloaded full album of TS 1989 from Apple Music.

First of all, you guys need to know that Apple Music is only free for 3 months, you will need to pay for USD3.99 per month for individual users, and USD5.99 per month for family users(up to 6 users) which makes USD0.99 per user for family.

What can Apple Music can do? Yes, you can download the music you like into your Apple device without having connecting to PC or Mac for iTunes sync!

With simple clicks, you can start downloading!

I downloaded Sugar by Maroon5, look for the option "Make Available Offline"

Before that you will need to touch the three red dots (option key) located on the right hand side of the song.


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