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Thursday, July 2, 2015

5 Simple Steps to Turn off Auto-Renewal of Apple Music

alhoyi - 12:56 PM
Here is how you can turn of Automatic Renewal of Apple Music Subscription. If you do not turn off this automatic renewal, you will be billed USD3.99 or USD5.99 for every month after 1st October 2015. 

Note: This instruction below is only for user that would like to turn off Automatic Renewal

Step1: Touch on the Profile sign (top right corner)

Apple Music is Awesome!

alhoyi - 11:47 AM
Are you a music person? Many Apple users loves music too, but mostly cannot understand the operation of itunes, even I myself barely know how it works. 

But now trouble moment is over, now with Apple Music (after updating IOS 8.4) you can easily access to the music you like! 

Yup, I just downloaded full album of TS 1989 from Apple Music.

First of all, you guys need to know that Apple Music is only free for 3 months, you will need to pay for USD3.99 per month for individual users, and USD5.99 per month for family users(up to 6 users) which makes USD0.99 per user for family.

What can Apple Music can do? Yes, you can download the music you like into your Apple device without having connecting to PC or Mac for iTunes sync!

With simple clicks, you can start downloading!

I downloaded Sugar by Maroon5, look for the option "Make Available Offline"

Before that you will need to touch the three red dots (option key) located on the right hand side of the song.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015


alhoyi - 7:43 AM
是噩梦还是美梦呢?今早4:47AM 就“吓”醒了,忘了到底是被什么梦吓醒,不过好像是跟美金有关系吧。梦里,我手里拿着一叠一叠的美金,大多数都是旧的美金(用过的),其中印象最深的就是有一张10元的美金,它是塑胶制作的(plastic)。梦里真的无奇不有啊。现在来看看周公这么说吧。

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


alhoyi - 8:36 AM




Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SAY Hello to AirAsia EZPay

alhoyi - 12:39 PM
First of all, we all know AirAsia, we do know that they sell extremely low cost tickets over the whole world. What we often miss is that we often miss out the Transaction Fee (a.k.a processing fee) for ticket purchasing. RM4.00 is charged for Direct Debit (CIMB, Maybank2u, PBebank, RHB etc per booking) and RM8.00 is charged for booking made by Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, Big Prepaid(previously is RM0 processing fee), American Express)

20140597 Digital Banner HomePage R8

I have no idea on when does this EZPay launched, but I do know how it works. It waives away all the booking fee! (Which means, you no longer have to pay for the RM4.00 or RM8.00 Processing Fee!!) What a relief to me, I book flight from Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu and from Kota Kinabalu to Miri, at price of RM9.00 and RM29.00 respectively without being charged RM4.00 for each of them.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What do I do for Living?

alhoyi - 6:12 PM

I do THREE (3) things in my life. First on is my foundation business that is Pay-Per-Click services. Second is about the Google Adsense, profiting from advertisement. The Third business is AMWAY business. I started Pay-Per-Click business when I was in my university life during 2009-2013, and continue to now, I am still making money with it. Many people do not understand how it works, but trust me, it is definitely a good course you should have learnt. Google Adsense is something I sign up during end of 2014 which I apply for about 7-8 times to get approved. (Google Adsense is very strict rules and it is normal to get approved after several times of application). About AMWAY, the pioneer of network marketing, is something I found during my university life. I am glad to see this opportunity and I am making it happen.  

Reading till here, most of you will be curious about how much I can earn from these things? To many people, these small small business are too small for them. For me, I would say, anything big is built from SMALL, so I don’t care if it is small, as long as it can grow big, I will do it and make it happen!

Malaysian isn’t fancy about the pay-per-click stuff, hence, there is an opportunity for this! Two Pay-Per-Click website in Malaysia are 8Share and ChurpChurp, although they would like to call themselves social branding website, anyway, it still mean the same and work out the same thing. To work with this, it is simple, just sign up a free account and continue to make money. (oh, forget to tell, this is the standard procedure). However, in reality, sign up free account and you have to work quite hard to earn the money, sometimes, you may earn nothing with all the hard work you put into it. And this is where and when most people leave and quit! I have been these steps too, I work very hard, but earn nothing, however, I still continue on working it out. Why? No pain, no gain right? I go through it and at last I manage to make it! Seems to be really hard huh? Well, actually it depends, if you can make it, you would say it is easy, and the other way round.

Google Adsense is the life career for a blogger like me. I earn from Google Adsense, so far monthly around USD100, I know this is not a huge amount but enough for me to pay my web domain name then is okay already. It is not easy too, the starting is always the hardest part! I finally get approved after 7-8 times applying for Google Adsense. I am considered to be very lucky since by average, some people get approved after 10++ times applying. For a blogger, the content is King, you have the content, you have the world. That’s simple!

(to be continued…..)

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